14 December 2017

AN ANCIENT FORTRESS HAS BEEN FOUND UNDER LAKE VAN Lake Van has a unique ecosystem , located at 1650m high from the sea level and covers 3712 km2. A lot of civilizatons lived around the lake which is 1/3 of a dimention of the Marmara Sea. People named the lake as upper Lake and believed that it hides many mysteries. We,now,are trying to reveal all these mysteries. As you know we informed the world about Inci Kefali, microbialits or Lake Van corals and the films of Russian wreck.
Today we have the pleasure of revealing a new mystery by exploring a fortress U/W of Lake Van.
Around here people talk about the fortress for a long time. With the help of walking stick master Mr.Cumali Birol from Adilcevaz we started to study the area. After marking the fortress and having an invitation from the Governor of Adilcevaz Mr.Arif Kahraman, we came to Adilcevaz. In our group we have, director of photograpy Mr. Tahsin Ceylan from Ankara, Former governor of Muradiye Mr.Mehmet Fatih Celikel, Diving Instructor and member of Chamber of the federation Mr.Murat Kulakac, Van Yuzuncu Yil University Aquaculture Faculty PhD. Mustafa Akkus, walking stick master Mr.Srekan Ok. Today our group, on the governer of Adilcevaz Mr. Adil Karaman's invitation, dived and had some shootings of the fortress U/W. With this new finding, our study of a year reached a new level. After this level, we believe that we hand out a new reseach area for the archeologists and the historians.
Our director of photography Mr. Tahsin Ceylan; Lake Van is fascinating us with its mysteries. As we descent U/W we travel through the history.Filming the fortress and touching the history is amazing. We filmed the fortress and the microbiolites around the fortress as well. These scenes are the collections of the mysteries of the lake. I hope that these shootings are helpful for the divers to come here and presentation of the country. I also hope that scientist will have more interest in the lake. When we look in to the fortress walls we see the carved stones from the Urartus. This architectural style shows us that the fortress could be built during the Urartu times.
From Van yuzuncu yil university Aquaculture Faculty phd .Mustafa Akkus; We revealed an important mystery of the lake. Our first aim of this study which we do with the governor of Adilcevaz is to protect the fortress. After that the fortress will be a help to ecotourism of the area. It is difficult to say something about the age of the fortress at the moment but we know that the area is an important dwelling site since the middle ages. In the following days we believe that archeologists and the historians will find more information about the fortress. We also believe that Lake Van has a great diving potential. We will see that tens of diving schools and hundreds of divers will come to the lake.