Tahsin Ceylan, who began to deal with underwater sports in 1986, started underwater photography in 1994 and underwater video shooting in 1997. He has made numerous dives for imaging purposes in the world's seas, especially in our country's coastal and inland waters.

With numerous solo exhibitions such as; Mystery of the Blue Depths (Mavi Derinliklerin Gizemi), Turkiye from Underwater (Sualtından Türkiye), Spirit of the Sea (Denizin Ruhu), You Are Unhindered (EngelSizsiniz), Endangered Species in the Mediterranean (Akdeniz’de Nesli Tehlike Altında Olan Türler), In its 100th Anniversary, Çanakkale from Underwater with 100 Photos (100. Yılında 100 Fotoğrafla Sualtından Çanakkale), Underwater Life of Gemlik Bay (Gemlik Körfezi’nin Sualtı Yaşamı), August 17th - Pain in the Depths (17 Ağustos - Derinlerdeki Acı), Underwater Paradise Antalya (Sualtı Cenneti Antalya) , Deep Effects of Global Climate (Küresel İklimin Derin Etkileri) and most recently within the framework of the Mediterranean Action Plan - The COP22 hosted by Turkey with his Endangered Species (Nesli Tehlike Altında Olan Türler) Photography Exhibition shed light on the mysteries of the underwater world, which mankind has been curious about for centuries. Tahsin Ceylan, who captured the first images of seahorses, Mediterranean monk seals and sharks in our country's coastal waters, has more than 100 national and international awards in underwater photography and videography.

The promotional film 'Life in The Seas and Coats of Turkey' that is about underwater life and riches is also prepared by Tahsin Ceylan. The artist's films with the theme of Mucilage, Sea Grasses, Sea Turtles, Ghost Nets, Invasive Species, Marine Pollution, Mothers of the Sea, Lake Salda, Climate and Water, Mediterranean Seals and Çanakkale March 18th were prepared by the order of The Ministry of Environment, Urbanisation and Climate Change and are still being broadcasted. Tahsin Ceylan is the program consultant and underwater cinematographer of the 10-part documentary “The Anatolian Farm - Agriculture is Our Future”, which scrutinizes the agricultural inventory of our country.

The artist has books titled 'Knowing The Marine Environment I and II' (Denizi Tanıyalım I ve II) and 'The Inhabitants of Our Seas' (Denizlerimizin Sakinleri), prepared with Professor Doctor Şükran Cirik. The book "Living Sea" (Yaşayan Deniz) which is published by Naviga Publications, is also an important book that Tahsin Ceylan is one of the contributing authors. In addition to these, there are many books that reveal the underwater riches of our country and are immortalized with the artist's images. Some of these are: Underwater Paradise Antalya (Sualtı Cenneti Antalya), Secrets of Lake Van (Van Gölü’nün Sırları), Life in the Depths - Izmit Bay (Derinlerdeki Yaşam - İzmit Körfezi), Samandağ in the Depths (Derinlerdeki Samandağ), Cesme- Pearl of Ionia (İyonya’nın İncisi Çeşme), Underwater Life of Gemlik Bay (Gemlik Körfezi’nin Sualtı Yaşamı), Last Teardrop of Lake Amik (Amik Gölü’nün Son Gözyaşı), Erdek from Underwater (Sualtından Erdek), Life in the Depths of the Black Sea (Karadeniz’in Derinliklerindeki Yaşam), 17th of August - Pain in the Depths (17 Ağustos Derinlerdeki Acı). Tahsin Ceylan's book 'The Uses of Video' is used as a textbook at Anadolu University, Faculty of Communication.

Tahsin Ceylan is World Underwater Confederation (CMAS) and Turkish Underwater Sports Federation (TSSF) 3-star Diving Instructor, Lifesaving Instructor, Underwater Search & Rescue and Criminal Instructor, PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Master Scuba Diver Trainer and Emergency First Response Instructor. Tahsin Ceylan, who is also the Imaging Coordinator of the Ecological Research Association (EKAD), has numerous documentaries in which he took part as program producer and cinematographer.